Drawing for pure FUN!

Portrait of Nuetnicron, kgt

I might be the most eclectic artist on the planet, but sometimes when I draw for fun, cartoons come out. This one is special, because my brother and I have this running joke about the goofy little aliens from the 50’s called Omnicron and Nuetnicron. Don’t even ask, it’s just a fun thing. And then our two sisters are the other Crons. It just keeps going and will never stop.

Truth be told, today was a hard day on planet earth for me. We all have days like that, right? Tonight I decided it was time to make a portrait of Nuetnicron, the pleasant little alien guy my bro and I always joke about.

Somehow, making silly little alien people drawings cheers me up. In fact, how could I even be remotely blue now that Nuetnicron is on the scene?

It’s nice to have a character in your pocket for rainy days. I have the cat Che’ I like to draw, and a few other assorted characters. But Nuetnicron came out of the woodwork today, and I’m sure glad he did. Well, I guess he didn’t come out of the woodwork, more like he landed on Planet Earth and made me smile.

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