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Rough drawings: a wealth of information and creativity for painters

November 27, 2012

Sketch, Niwot View of the St. Vrain Valley, KGT

These 3 sketches are from life, not imagined. I say that because so much of my work is from imagination.

Drawing is such an amazing activity for artists. We look, and then our pencil moves on the page, then we look again. 20 minutes later (more or less) there is a record of what we were looking at. Seems so simple, but I consider this remarkable, and always will.

View No. 2, KGT

We draw and bend the visual facts to suit our own interests. We filter. Emphasize what we think is most interesting and completely ignore objects we don’t want in our picture. I decided to place a figure and her dog in the scene, why not?

Drawing a scene from life should be above all, creative. We are commenting on what we observe, changing it to our own likes and moods. We are not trying to be anything except personal and subjective, remembering things that tickle our fancy or touch our emotions.

Street Scene, Todas Santos, Mexico, KGT

This city scene of Todas Santos is a truly rough drawing, and it came from a photograph I made while walking in the early morning before the rest of our family was up and around. I do remember the colors, and it will become a painting someday.

A person can learn a lot by drawing from photos instead of trying to copy them straight to paint.  Drawings interject a life all their own into a scene. Trust that the human brain will do its work. Embrace the way your artist personality is alive in your drawing, all your own.

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