Spontaneous and quick paintings are the painter’s sketchbook… let’s do more of these!

Dark Mesa, Detail, 8 x 15″, Acrylic, KG Taylor

Now and then I make a painting which starts with no real plan, just an idea in my mind. Such paintings are “just for fun” in my book. This picture will not end up in a frame or on a wall, and yet that’s what this Dark Mesa painting is all about.

Dark Mesa, 8 x 15″, Acrylic, KG Taylor

The nice thing about a painting I don’t fret about is that I sometimes learn a lot from it. This one gives me ideas for the next one, and that is enough for me. I like certain things about it, and would change other things in the next painting.

Dark mesa, detail and color palette, KG Taylor

I could pick this painting apart if I was thinking it was anything but a fun work of exploration and ideas. But I sometimes it’s better to look at the good things about a painting I make for the fun of it, and just let the negative side go.

The more I see these quickie paintings, the more I realize I should make far more of them. I do have the benefit of pulling out the color palette, which is looking like one typical of sunnier climates I love well.

Challenge for myself and others: Make one small painting a week, 9 x 12″ approximate, and finish in an hour or two, maybe less. One small pencil sketch can be the start, the rest comes from out of my head. I could learn more from this good habit!

Have you ever made a painting or two just for the fun of it? Not for a class, or anyone’s eyes but yours? It’s like a visual journal, private to oneself alone, and therefore, you are set free to do whatever you like. A good recipe for something interesting to nobody but you. I like learning this way.

Just-for-fun work is free and easy, no pressure, make things that come into your head. Oh, that’s what we did when we were kids. Making things just because we got an idea. And we knew it would be fun, not thinking about the outcome.

Tell me your thoughts on this…


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