Two landscapes, two inspirations, and lots of oil paint with a palette knife handy

Dawn at the Pond, oil, Karen Gillis Taylor, c. 2004, collection Frank and Nancy Caccavallo

We spent some time last weekend with our good friends Nancy and Frank. Our kids grew up together, played soccer, and the guys worked together in Boulder. I was so happy to have one of my favorite paintings find a home with this family. The view is from our old house in North Boulder, when we lived on the pond. There is nothing to make a person feel incredibly blessed like living with a wildlife-friendly environment out the back door, not to mention changing sky and water views every day. This is school for artists, observing ever-changing nature and light every day. My camera was always handy!

Rio painting in progress, oil, KG Taylor, fall 2012

We no longer live by water, but after seeing nature year after year, the imagination takes over. I want my Rio painting to represent peace. At this stage it seems to be living up to my intention, but my brush became fairly active at the last session and the final result is reminding me of the earlier painting of Dawn at the Pond.

The Rio painting shows influence of my time in New Mexico, and reminds me there is a clear difference of light and color in the landscapes of that Land of Enchantment and Colorful Colorado, as the state slogans go.

I’m back to working with oils after a season of acrylic use, and it seems entirely natural to mix the paint with a palette knife and take the paint straight on to the canvas. The result is thicker textures, and effects are exciting to see for the painter. Can’t wait to finish this coming weekend!


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3 Responses to “Two landscapes, two inspirations, and lots of oil paint with a palette knife handy”

  1. Sharyn Sowell Says:

    WOW. Gorgeous.


  2. sandy Says:

    From the first, I knew that was New Mexico. I love both of these, but nm is my favorite.


  3. karen Says:

    NM is my favorite too, and thanks to you both for your nice comments. I’m planning to write and show images about the extraordinary light in New Mexico and why so many artists chose to live and work there. I get excited just thinking about it!


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