A new painting sketch with Photoshop: Arched Window In a Foreign Land

Arched Window in a Foreign Land, painting idea, piece of a painting re-sketched with Photoshop

Now that I’m back to painting with oils, the brushwork and making of textures is different than my work with acrylics. I may still work in layers, but the paint is denser, and so my paint layers are more opaque. This painting will challenge me to place a plethora of multicolored textures if I so choose, within a composition that is not too difficult to organize. I won’t attempt to replicate the textures in this study exactly, but use what I see here in the study for inspiration. I have a 24″ x 30″ canvas primed and ready.

Rio painting, nearly finished, KGTaylor

Meanwhile, the “Rio” abstract vista painting I began a few weeks ago is on the way to finish. I need to add highlight areas, though, which will make a big difference to me, and I have no idea how long that will take. You get started tweaking these things, and then you find an effect you like and try it somewhere else in the painting, and so on. There is no quick way to make this painting, so I’ll be patient and set it aside now and then to come back with fresh eyes. I can start Arched Window right away. But I really want to get this Rio one finished!

The Rio vista painting began with a color sketch in Photoshop too, (below) as seen in my blog post of September 3rd. Photoshop has been another toolbox for me over the years, such a wonderful program.

Original Photoshop sketch for Rio painting, September 3rd blog post


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2 Responses to “A new painting sketch with Photoshop: Arched Window In a Foreign Land”

  1. sandy Says:

    What a difference in the painting! It is beautiful.


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