Inspired by families living in the ancient pueblos: architecture and special places

Color sketch for painting, KGT

When I made this painting idea/sketch, I was reminded of so many stone and brick buildings we see all over the world in ancient places. (I’m a history nut.) I love to imagine and paint cities that I can construct with paint and live in them as I go, always picturing a new scene around the corner or on the other side of the island or town.

Mesa Verde, Colorado, Ancient Anasazi homes

In Colorado and New Mexico I have visited the pueblos, and older, mysterious Anasazi villages of Mesa Verde made of earth baked into bricks and plastered over with a mud mixture that beautifies smooth surfaces. I visited the Taos Pueblo, and felt fortunate to see it, and the folks still living there. Modern adobe architecture in Santa Fe has many roots in this way of life and construction of homes.

These family rooms built so close to each other are so similar to both the traditional townhouses we can see today in the Greek Isles and and apartment buildings in our modern cities. I once visited Mykonos with my college friend Terry and was mesmerized by the dazzling white homes contrasted against the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Greek Isles architecture, blue sea

I’m enormously  inspired by the imagination of Paul Klee and his fanciful city paintings. This one is his painting, Tunisia, 1919, which he painted close to 100 years ago!
I haven’t mentioned color in this post yet. These are sun-drenched places. Even Paul Klee, who was not a native to these environs, might notice that an artist will benefit from either visiting or living in such places blessed by sunlight and atmosphere.

Poet Emily Dickinson said that she was a traveler in her own mind, even if she didn’t have the opportunity to visit places around the world herself. This is perhaps the best advice after all. If we can imagine life, scenes, things worthy of a written poem or journal entry… or sketch book… these are what we can do to express ourselves at each opportunity. Good things will come of it, I am convinced.


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8 Responses to “Inspired by families living in the ancient pueblos: architecture and special places”

  1. gonerustic Says:

    I agree – colour and place can still be FELT (and expressed) powerfully when not actually there. You’ve expressed this with great vibrancy in your art! =D


  2. karen Says:

    Thanks, I agree with you, a person can have great feelings about places even before they find ways to turn their feelings into something created.


  3. Barbara Says:

    I just knew that the Paul Klee painting was going to be one of yours. The colors are so similar to yours.


  4. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Oh pretty blues! Take me away!!! :0)

    ;0) love love!


  5. karen Says:

    Thanks Leslie Ann. How rich are those Mediterranean blues!


  6. Sarah Schultz Says:

    Karen, I love this painting…the colors , the design,..breathtaking!
    This painting reminds me of your night time paintings. Keep up the great work !
    An avid follower….


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