Displaying art in a grouping: Stumbling on ideas leads to new ones!

Moonlight Garden painting, June Garden and unknown space for a new art piece to share display area

Hubby picked up my Moonlight Garden painting from a local restaurant display, and he set it down in our house next to another one, June Garden. I was amazed that they almost flowed into each other with color and brushwork! There were months in between finishing each one. So I’m thinking they should be displayed next to each other and there’s space for a new piece to complete the group. What piece can go there?

Display idea with April Rain painting

Here’s an idea to frame April Rain and display the 3 together. Okay, but not ideal.

Another idea, with abstract piece I’d need to paint, I call Avatar Tree. Digital sketch.

I like this group very much. The new sketch in the upper right looks more like it belongs with the others. It has elements of both of the other two, night sky and growing botanical object perhaps?

Avatar Tree, digital sketch for painting

When I first created Avatar Tree, it was alone in my idea world. Now I have a reason to paint it, and give it a home! It will probably change and evolve as I paint it, but isn’t it always helpful to have a good start to get excited about? I think so. It’s so much better than starting with the big, empty white canvas. I always need something to get me past that, right away. Something I believe in, even if it is a fragment.

I hope you enjoy gathering ideas in unexpected ways as much as I do! If you have had an experience that gave you an idea you didn’t plan, let me know!


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