Farmers market inspiration along the St. Vrain River: Colorado summer

Flowers at the veggie booth, Longmont farmers market, 2012

I love this photo. Don’t think an Iphone or smart phone cannot take good pictures. I am usually trying to capture images for painting ideas. This one is special though. Who knew I could get so much information, good design and intrigue in such a quick photo done on the fly? That’s why we artists need to take many photos and always have a camera on us to do so!

Morning on the St. Vrain River, walking on the trail

It is amazing that many of us live in towns where we can capture nature’s beauty like this, just under a busy street full of traffic. The St. Vrain River was named after a French pioneer who found his way over the ocean in the 1800’s and made a new life for himself in the wild of America. Who doesn’t want a new life these days? Me. Always looking.

My sister Les, taking her photo of the bouquet of flowers right before she bought it.

My sister Les, (also an artist) told me this was the first time she had bought a bouquet of flowers at the market. The family farmers at the booth told us they have flowers planted randomly over the farm, and one of their team just goes out early to forage around the farm for the bouquets. Don’t you love that? I do.  Someone sowed those seeds, and the forager didn’t know they were planted by someone who was thinking ahead. Gardeners know this, right?

I hope you are enjoying our last days of summer. I am. Save your summer floral photos as if canning peaches for the winter months. The best time to paint flowers for me is in mid January. Color cheers the mind and reminds us of wonderful summer days like this.


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5 Responses to “Farmers market inspiration along the St. Vrain River: Colorado summer”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Loved those shots. Ha! Did not see you take that pict of me and my bed head! ;o)


  2. Mickie Brown Says:

    Lovely flowers, lovely photos !!!


  3. Sarah Schultz Says:

    Did you use a blue filter on the first photo?


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