Summer garden palette of color choices: time to choose!

A summer palette with so many hues to choose from for a new project!

Here’s a good recipe for discovering the color palette that most inspires you:

Plant a garden of flowers and other botanicals or visit a local garden.

Take photos. Study them.

Extract many of the most important hues from the image. Study again.

Select a range of colors to begin your project. Start with 5, no more than 7. Then play!

This palette of 24 hues is very subdued overall, low intensity (saturation) and offering a variety of values from light to dark on a 1-10 value scale.

What 5 to 9 colors would you choose from this group to form your own palette? Maybe this would be a good thing to explore in a next post!

P.S. I spy the most bright/saturated hue in the bunch here. Do you see it too? Tell me what you think.


2 Responses to “Summer garden palette of color choices: time to choose!”

  1. sandy Says:

    Karen, this post is a work of art!


    • karen Says:

      Thank you Sandy! I have been enjoying your beautiful photography on your blog. See my note I just posted to your today’s blog. It made me miss the Atlantic Coast we so loved to see when our Anne went to college on the north shore of MA.


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