Downpour over Niwot landscape painting and some thoughts

Downpour Over Niwot, Oil, 14 x 18″, KG Taylor, artist’s collection

You have to keep some of your favorite paintings. When you are selling paintings and in a good mood to make your living with this important part of a painter’s job, I have reminded myself to save the paintings that are family “momentos.” Things that might record a time in our family life.

The interesting thing about this painting is that it is a view from our former family home on Apple Way in north Boulder. Little did I know that the driving rain was pouring down on the exact place our family would be moving to very soon. I can actually pinpoint our future Niwot home, at the bottom of the slope hit by the downpour. Who knew? Not us at the time.

I have loved living in the outskirts of towns. My personal motto is, “live in a place that allows lifestock within the city limits.” Why? It’s a good recipe to live where we see nature around us in its most basic ways.

When I drive for work and jobs, I am so thankful for the highways that keep me close to our mountains. Away from the busy city traffic, and near to nature’s original condition.

I breathe in the beautiful landscape around me in Colorado. Maybe you do too, wherever you live, and drink in the beauty of nature. It is free inspiration. It is the best kind.


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