Weekend forecast: artists in Boulder County, jump on your bikes and take photos for inspiration!

Madame Bianchi, (my wonderful bicycling machine) has inspired my new favorite color palette, August, 2012. Doesn’t this just call up Italian colors? Iphone photo and lots of fun with Photoshop

I think I have figured this out.

Why am I riding this bicycle obsessively every weekend for the last 5 weeks?

1. On a cruising bike you see so much more of the world than is possible driving a car, yet more efficiently than on a walk or run. Essential: get up early enough in the morning to experience the smells of early morning in the small town bordering farm country, field grasses, blossoms, dew on the meadow. And few cars, enjoying friendly hellos to people riding their bikes for the same reason. Allow an hour and a half at least.

2. Color lovers find inspiration in nature, camera handy. No secret, part of the reason I love Madame Bianchi is because of her own color paint job. (And her gears are expertly made to get me up our big bad hills!) Here is my portrait of my new summer friend, little bicycle of many wonders.

3. Stopping to take photos gives me a break, drink from the chartreuse water bottle and get my wimpy self ready for more hills. It’s a great system.

I think this inspired color palette will work its way into a new project very soon. After all, Madame Bianchi has served me so well this summer. It’s the least I could do to create a painting or art quilt from this inspiration!

What do we take away when we find a great color palette we love? I’m putting it in my color memory bank. Do you have yours going on yet? I have some ideas…On to the weekend!

Oh, bum, it’s only Wednesday. Ha! Who cares? I have enough to think about, paints and fabrics and sketchbook… it is more than enough to plan new projects so exciting that I know will come to pass.


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4 Responses to “Weekend forecast: artists in Boulder County, jump on your bikes and take photos for inspiration!”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I do like your color combo. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  2. Bill Chance Says:

    There is no better way to see and to get to know a neighborhood than to ride around in it on a bike.


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