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A flower girl color palette at the farmer’s market:

August 28, 2012

Wide range of colors from a single photo, farmer’s market stall, Longmont, CO

Who can resist a gorgeous range of colors and a cute little girl in her equally flowery summer dress?  A closer look at this color palette reveals some subtle tones among the brighter, purer hues. I look for that mix which lets the eye take it in as nature has trained us to appreciate its harmony.

Another arrangement of the same color group

I like to rearrange colors and see how they look next to one another in different combinations. This palette begins to reveal the possibilities of a huge number of smaller groupings. Try selecting five colors out of a large palette like this. It makes me want to redecorate a room or two! Or make an interesting quilt or even an abstract landscape, very minimalist, using only five hues. Knowing me, I’d have a hard time painting with only 5 colors, but I think I’m up for the challenge!

Which ones would you pick if you had to narrow down a project’s color range to only four or five?

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