Gathering inspiration: bicycles and cameras

Water tower road, Niwot, CO

I’m having a love affair with my bicycle, Madame Bianchi. She took me up some steep roads yesterday, but the exercise fuels the brain and camera records some images for inspiration.

Landmark barn on Hwy. 52, Boulder County

The local terrain high spot overlooks the famed Flatirons rock formations of Boulder, and a few hot air balloons seen here must have had and even better view!

On the Niwot Loop trail, through the trees

Winding trails took me back down to town. On the way, there’s a sculpture of two deer that fools people all the time into thinking they are real as they drive past with only time for a brief glimpse.

The canopy of tall, ancient cottonwoods in the heart of old town

Teacups and teapots in the window of Wise Buys Antiques. I love the copper, do you?

The picturesque firehouse is nearly doll-size, and must have provided a mere meeting place for volunteers to gather back in the day.

Old Firehouse, how many firemen could they have possibly fit into that little spot?

Niwot, train town. The railroad had a lot to do with why this little town exists.

Shadowy self portrait with Madame Bianchi under the cottonwoods

Sitting with my cup of coffee in front of Tim Wise’s antique store. His artistic wife must have planted these pretty blooms in the wheelbarrow.

Madame Bianchi with quart of milk in her basket… home now to make breakfast.

Living a busy life, making time for work and for painting is such a challenge. Hopping on the bike early in the morning with cell camera in hand provides me a mini-vacation! We need to feel our souls and senses. And at the end of the day, I am thankful for a good morning with so many stops to capture inspiration.

Evening sky overlooking the St. Vrain valley



8 Responses to “Gathering inspiration: bicycles and cameras”

  1. Alex Khoo Says:

    Very nice set of pictures here!!!


  2. Paula Stoddard Says:

    Awesome post and pictures! I felt like I was there with you. You have such a calm, inspiring way with words, pictures and paintings.


  3. sandy Says:

    I like your bike, and loved the tour!


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