A Painter’s LIfe: Time for Fun

Sunday morning, Niwot, Colorado

I’ve been getting some gentle hints lately about the importance of balance in life. Day jobs, night jobs, freelance work, impromptu projects… wow, not to mention family life we can’t ignore… gets overwhelming sometimes. Time to change things up and do something different just for fun.

So I got out the cute green bicycle hubby has been threatening to give away to someone who might use it. No way! I used to ride my bike daily when living in Santa Fe before marriage and kiddos. Sunday I woke up and knew it was time for adventure.

How great to live in a town with bike trails that show us the prairie, mountain views and intimate canals of softly streaming waters. I’m trading in my now boring walking routine for a little more speed…. 13 miles an hour!

Canal in the heart of town

After wearing myself out along the country paths I got back to old town and started taking photos with the cell phone to see if I might get any interesting shots. Always looking for more inspiration for a drawing or painting, right?

Old corner building with gorgeous trumpet vines. Niwot Realty, owned by Pat. Hi Pat.

The feed store and high end car dealership, side by side. I love it.

After about an hour of bicycling around, quite needing to get more in shape, I parked the cute bike for a photo in front of Niwot Massage. Guess what I could use right now?

The cute Bianchi

Niwot sunflower, the Taylor garden

It’s summer and these beauties are just underway. Can’t wait to paint this one.

Maybe if I name my bike Bella Bianchi, I will take her out for rides as much as I can this summer. She certainly was good to me on Sunday.


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5 Responses to “A Painter’s LIfe: Time for Fun”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    great shots sis. That first was blew me away! Those clouds were awesome!


  2. sandy Says:

    Those clouds were for real? What a pretty little town! It looks like a nice place to live.


    • karen Says:

      Oh yes, it was a beautiful morning. Not sure why the color shift happened in the photo of the clouds, I will have to go back and look at that close up.
      It’s a verrrrrry small town but yes it’s a nice place to live.


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