Independent artists: working in a series is a very good thing

June Splash, 9 x 12″ acrylic on canvas board, KG Taylor, 2012

Painters often work in total isolation. Many of us are probably self-taught at least 75% of the time. Working in a series helps painters to view their own progress: illuminating! A series can be 2 or 24, you decide. Accomplish  a series of paintings, and then perhaps call in your helpful critics.

This painting seen above, I’m calling June Splash,  is the third in a series, and it’s not quite finished. Could it benefit from observing the best qualities of Flower 1 and 2, below? Flower 1 and 2 were completed about five years ago! June Splash languished in my studio, until I found it last week and was ready to give it flight, mainly because techniques I used in my painting, June Garden, click back to  blog No. June 6, 2012.

I am excited about the new way I’m painting with June Splash. I like the drawn lines, the layering effect. Can’t wait to keep going with this new free way I’ve learned.

Flower 1, acrylic on canvas board, KG Taylor

Flower 2, acrylic on board, KG Taylor

Flower 1 and 2 show stronger contrast, and the shapes of petals and leaves have harder edges.

June Splash has more loosely blended edges of colors and lines, though the color palette is much the same. Its central focal point is far more subtle, do I want to emphasize that more? All three paintings have an underlying value design based on a cross shape: dark edges at the corners, light emanating from the center.

What a good lesson in a painter’s progress for me. I can finish June Splash with some stronger blues and brighter lights that I love about Flower 1 and 2, and perhaps add some bolder shapes. But I now prefer the looseness of line and “lost edges” in June Splash, painting 3 in the series.

What do you think? Have you any observations about the way you progress when you look at your previous work in your art, no matter what your chosen field?


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