June Garden painting finishes: the end details

When you are nearing the end of a project, you can try to finish quickly, or take some extra time to see if you have done it justice. When are you really finished?

I’m still painting mostly at night, taking the painting into the daylight when I can check the colors and decide if I need any major adjustments. I was really bothered about this piece last night, kept looking at it until I realized the problem. Today I worked in greens and some darker hues to cover the dominating blue-green background that was overpowering. Then I added more lights and highlights. More lines, staccato accents of marks.

It is rewarding to stick out the work sessions, to keep going until you feel you have hit all the points that means completion. I often get a sense that the work is missing something, when I get to the finishing time. That is a gut feeling I have to follow. Can’t be too impatient to finish, and I have to remember that this finishing part is my favorite time in the work.

Now I will put this painting away for a couple of weeks and look one more time to see if it’s done.

It’s been such a busy week with all of life’s events of the season. I am so glad I did not put painting on the back burner. I’m happy, and ready for the next painting. Part of what I’m meant to do, after all, in life.


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4 Responses to “June Garden painting finishes: the end details”

  1. mamamiaheather Says:

    Very beautiful! Great to see all of your stages. I’m fascinated by the use of the computer to choose your colour scheme before starting – wish I was that technically inclined!


    • karen Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Heather. There are so many useful tools to help us create, aren’t there? I still prefer hands on work to computers, though. 🙂


  2. Marie Moore Says:

    WOW! I couldn’t wait to see how this would turn out! You have great skills. Wish I could see it in person!


    • karen Says:

      Thanks so much, Marie. I made a decision this morning to have one more session on this painting involving the lightest colors. I will post the full painting when it’s all finished!


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