June abstract garden painting

Beginning base layer of the abstract garden painting with working title of June Garden.

Painting with acrylics in layers is exciting for me. I chose to lay down a thick, opaque layer of blues first, instead of a thin, transparent layer I sometimes use. Then I added the “darkest darks”. Value decisons are made at the beginning.

Next comes lightest lights…

I add the lightest lights from the palette, the  yellows and aqua.

In a cropped photo of the painting I can make color adjustments with Photoshop as an experimental view.

Some strokes appear reddish brown in the photo, an effect I applied with Photoshop. They are really still dark blue/black. I’ll decide if I want some browns later in the real painting. Since I’m painting at night, I keep in mind this will all look different tomorrow in daylight.

Tomorrow I will start adding the reds and other medium value colors from my original color plan. The red red fun begins!


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