Into the woods… How a path through the trees draws me into the picture and won’t let me go until it’s painted

“Rowhouses” painting, cropped tree scenes, KG Taylor, acrylic

All the interesting characters in stories lived or traveled into the woods, didn’t they? It begins with Little Red Riding Hood followed by a long succession of stories. Snow White, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, and yes, even Yoda of Star Wars had his forest abode if I remember. Not to mention C. S. Lewis’s Narnia tales and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings works. Without forests our imaginations would have starved long ago.

“Jeantette Lane”, detail, Victor Higgins, from his 18 x 24″ painting, New Mexico

I received my book Victor Higgins, An American Master, in the mail today and I am so thrilled. More later on that, but here’s one of his images that makes you want to just walk down the road and feel the rustling sound of the giant trees as you enter their arched shade into the view beyond.

“Aspen Lane”, detail, oil by KG Taylor, collection Terry Foote

That is how I felt when I saw this lovely shaded road in Aspen, Colorado one autumn day. I was in a group of families and gymnastics team girls as we walked back to our condo after a day of the tournament at the gym. Oh how I wanted to just tell everyone we must take a detour down this lovely road.

Golden Ponds, Longmont, CO jogger

I posted this photo earlier last year, knowing it might make a great painting idea. Since I’m coming back to it, I know it’s sticking in my mind and must make a painting of it. I love the deep perspective that practically disappears into a tiny place at the end of this path, and the blue sky above that provides “a way out” of the painting. The foreground shadows are also wonderful! Isn’t nature spectacular?

The more I write this blog, the more I realize my own inspirations come both from walks through the trees and the world of story. When it comes time to create, draw and paint, these beginning ideas are inseparable in the mind of imagination.


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