Great friends, common goals in art and special relationships… personal is best.

Thanks to long time friend and fellow artist Pam Peltier Dickinson, who reminded me…about great friends.
Great friends help you move the art work forward. Everyone has work they do to progress, but artists sometimes need a special push, since we are often on the outskirts and making our way differently in our world. We have our beginning goals once we discover our talent of making visual art. Then we try to do this while making a living with it. Pam worked at Current in Colorado Springs, and had wonderful illustrations for greeting cards and many other projects. I met her years ago at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, CO with my sister Les. Pam is a lovely person! She now lives in Maine, USA.

I met several other artists and illustrators online and before we knew it, we were trading life stories and even arranging to meet up in person as our schedules and travel experiences allowed. So I got to meet Elaine Garvin (Lainey), and that same time in AZ, Laura Jacobsen, then Joan Waites and Luanne Marten. I missed meeting our dear Bro Kevan Atteberry, but sister Leslie Clark did meet him that day, yay! She also connected with Stephanie Stussman and we have the lovely photo to prove it, girl! I think of Stephanie as a daughter or niece, hope you don’t mind that Steph, (your kids are younger), so there you go, sweetie! I love your posts on FB.

Then there is our dear Claudia who posts so passionately on FB.  While I don’t always agree with her political opinions, I love her passion and she makes the most amazing contemporary illuminated manuscript type of artworks that I can’t even describe them well. Claudia, you are so wonderful, I feel like you are a dear sister.

Then is a dear family friend Molly who makes medical illustrations. She lives in Fort Collins, CO in Old Town, so we are already wishing for her life! Molly is just a plain gorgeous and lovely person with such an amazing skill that makes such a good use of both right and left brain talents. That, I’m told, is the best recipe for an artist to capture. Molly, we need to get together for coffee soon, girl! You don’t have to twist my arm to get me up to Fort Collins CO.

I’m just saying that I’m grateful to have established the longtime relationships online since I began about 1998. There are too many other friends I can’t name here in my imperfect words. Not to mention Kelly,  know you are always lurking there in the shadows, buddy. We love your funny offbeat quips. Artists are all unique, all friendships to be treasured.

KG Taylor


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2 Responses to “Great friends, common goals in art and special relationships… personal is best.”

  1. ckswarriorqueen Says:

    ❤ Thank you so much for the kind words, Karen. I feel our Illustrators listserv, where we were all so blessed to connect and befriend each other, was almost a college experience. We each learned and taught and shared, and continue to do so now on our blogs and FB.
    I promise to keep being the passionate big sister…it's who I am IRL, not just on the internet!
    That was the strength of the Illustrators listserv– we all were who we were, and got to know each others' strengths and weaknesses through discussion and occasional live meetings. And, just like in a family– we still like each other, both despite and because of our differences.<3


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Thanks to the internet and Facebook, the list of friends grow with each year. I admire ALL my artist friends. Thanks for the reminder sis!


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