Painting for an exhibit: the Arapahoe people, Niwot, Colorado

Abstract painting idea, "Campfires", photoshop, KG Taylor, around 2006

Our town of Niwot, near Boulder, Colorado decided to host a juried art show based on the question: What is unique about Niwot?

My first instinct: paint the natural beauty of this area. We live in the shadow of the tallest hill that provides a summit view of the front range of Boulder and St. Vrain Valleys, home of Chief Niwot (means Left Hand, c. 1825-1864) and his tribe of Arapahoe native Americans. Coyotes abound in the neighborhood yet today. I imagine Left Hand’s party of comrades on horseback, on top of this hill, yet close to their village that would be camped at the creek nearby. It is a perfect place to see the entire landscape in all directions. The creek is where the families would be camped, and this is the subject of my (future) painting.

This abstract image began several years ago, while working with some photos of mine in Photoshop, a favorite program I’ve used for years. When I made this image, it looked to me like a campfire in the desert of the Southwest. Trust me, it was not meant to be that specific subject for a painting these years later. It happened.

I haven’t entered juried art shows for quite some time, but when I heard about this show for my town theme, how could I not try to submit? So  I painted my painting, (more developed to show here later) and it is now finished and  sent to my photo man in Louisville for a good high res image.

I had a small art gallery in our historic district for a short time and appreciate our history. Niwot was a frontier town. The discovery of gold in Colorado, farming and the railroad played an important part in our history. It will be interesting to see the other artist’s submissions as to what is unique about our town of Niwot. As for me, I cannot help but imagine that the most unique thing about Niwot is our landscape and the first people to appreciate it.


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One Response to “Painting for an exhibit: the Arapahoe people, Niwot, Colorado”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I love this abstract! did you find out about the show yet? I want to go see it!


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