Wrapping up one painting and beginning the new… Is this day or night in the garden?

Day/Night Blooms, 12 x 12" acrylic on canvas board, by Karen Gillis Taylor

I’m trying to find a name for this painting. It might be helpful if I could decide if this looks like night or day to me shining on these growing blooms.

Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up the more traditional painting about Niwot. It’s going off to the photographer to get a high resolution photo, then to frame. Hope it is juried into the exhibit, but you just never know.

I’m enjoying the more abstract work right now with shapes and textures. This painting is at the tweaking stage, and will change a little. But I’m happy to have gotten a new start, with another one similar to it in the wings.

I love gardening, and have always wondered about the flowering plants they say are night blooming.  When I was in kindergarten, my dad said I brought home a little Four O’clock flowering plant. We put it in the garden and it took over, lasted for years and I always thought of it as “my flowers.” It had a sweet nectar to the taste. Now I discover it is one of the night flowers, blooming in the evening. Smells so nice too. I think all of our life experiences figure in to our artistic work. Here’s to the lowly Four O’Clock. Maybe I will find a painting title there yet.

Four O'clock flowers from Smashinglists.com


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2 Responses to “Wrapping up one painting and beginning the new… Is this day or night in the garden?”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Hmmm…. moon blossoms? LOVE that painting! Of course it has those beautiful blues I love. .. and yes, I thought of those 4 o’clocks as your flowers too!


  2. sandy Says:

    I can’t tell if it is day or not, but sure do feel the energy from this painting.


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