When art inspires students to make art better… Chalkfest at Bolton High, LA

I was excited to see that my Watertown painting inspired art students in Louisiana to create a chalk painting for their annual art event. In yesterday’s post I was trying to make sense of life’s difficult times, and today made everything brand new and hopeful again. I love art students!

Art Teacher Tracie Campbell at Bolton High School in Alexandria, Louisiana said,  “Each year, my art department hosts an event called Chalkfest.  Chalkfest is a special event that is held in the spring during which 50-60 invited students spend the day enlarging and recreating beautiful and colorful works of art in chalk pastels on the concrete walkway in front of our school building.  This year, however, Mother Nature did not cooperate, and it rained all morning. Consequently, we had to move Chalkfest into our gym and work on paper, which was a new experience for us.”

Art Students display their "Watertown" work at Chalkfest, Bolton High School, Alexandria, LA

Another group of Bolton students working on their piece. I hope their fundraiser brings in a lot of support for the school. Well done, art kids! -Karen

If you would like to see more photos of Chalkfest 2012, go to http://public.fotki.com/bolton-studio-art/chalkfest/2012/.



3 Responses to “When art inspires students to make art better… Chalkfest at Bolton High, LA”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    That is the coolest thing!!! How did you find out about it? I would say that was quite the encouraging end to a day!


    • karen Says:

      I received the teacher’s email asking to allow me to approve their use of selling the student’s chalk painting in their fundraiser. It all just came about due to the rainy weather there, it developed. I really enjoy seeing the students at art work on their website. So great to be in a group effort at that age. Isn’t it wonderful?


  2. marjorie Says:

    What a lovely way to reach out and get back too! And the students did a beautiful job. How inspiring! Congratulations!


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