Monoprint: have you tried this yet?

La Veta, Mixed Media, monoprint and digital printmaking

It’s always good to experiment with art media, because maybe I can learn something new, discover a new image or idea. Monoprint is one of those techniques that gives unexpected results for someone like me who has not tried it before.

I brushed oil colors onto a piece of glass and then laid a piece of paper on top, burnished hard with a wooden spoon, and then peeled back the paper to get the monoprint. When it dried, I scanned the paper into my Mac and did some more enhancement with the Photoshop tools. The basic transfer of pigments shows true.

One of my favorite parts of the road trip to Santa Fe is the countryside around La Veta Pass. The hills after the pass are soft and rolling. When I pulled this print, the image reminded me immediately of that beautiful area.

I’ve not ventured into the actual town of La Veta yet, even after so many road trips passing near. Note to self: must visit the town of La Veta next time I make the trip south!

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One Response to “Monoprint: have you tried this yet?”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    oh how I wish I had more time to play with paints! I am planning some play time soon. Maybe even a mural on the wall!!! I wish we were on a road trip to NM!


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