Photography and painting: simpatico!

Sunset at our pond, Boulder, Apple Way

Simpatico is a musical sounding italian word for things that just plain go together. It’s wonderful when it works for people, and in my art world, I adore working with both photography and painting all the time.

“Effects of Light” is one of my favorite themes as I paint. That theme is embedded in photography. Nature gives us a gift for studying this theme, and that is the sunset.

Don’t let people tell you sunsets are not cool, or that they are overdone, or anything else. Not only do they grip and inspire us in real life, they contain so many of the elements of art worth tackling. Value range can be from nearly 1 to 10 on a ten point scale of light to dark, for starters.

When it comes to color, painters can stretch what they see in a sunset photo they have taken. There’s no green in the pond sunset photo here. But in my painting green plays a key role. I don’t think the green in the painting is looking out-of-place or terribly unnatural. That may be partly because it is a very toned and tinted green, not very saturated and placed beside its harmonious hues of yellow and blue.

Even though this painting came from my imagination, it could have been seen sometime in nature. The old saying, “there is nothing new under the sun” probably applies here. I only say that because I’ve seen many things I’d thought not possible, thanks to photography and travelers, not to mention my own experiences!

If God created it, we people living on this beautiful earth could see it some day. I’m keeping my eyes open on this!


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2 Responses to “Photography and painting: simpatico!”

  1. sandy Says:

    Thanks, not only beauty, but I learned from this post.


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