Why make abstract paintings? Never give up…

The Color of Rain in April, acrylic, 12 x 12", Karen Gillis Taylor, 2012

I have not created many paintings that had a subject people might have to really search for. If I didn’t name this one, Abstract City, would people be scratching their heads, wishing for an explanation?

I worked on two of these paintings at the same time, same size. I won’t even show the other one. It gave me FITS! and I still have yet to give it one last chance!

But this one I really like.

April is coming on, and I had been thinking about the colors of Spring rain in cities for quite a while; how do I explore that? Now I realize, this is exactly that, it finally came out of me one day! I’m going to rename it, The Color of Rain in April. Epiphany! Little painting, you have a better name.

There’s really no other explanation needed for this abstract painting. It’s not a real place, (although I see things in it that look like it could be a city). Let it be my discovery in paint: a rainy April evening in a place I would like to call home, or at least visit!

I guess that is at least one reason to make abstract paintings. You think about what you want to express for a good little while, and then one day it comes out while you are painting shapes, colors and nuances. I love the feeling of amazement that solutions do come out if you just keep painting…

Keep painting my friends! Or making photographs, or writing, or doing what you love to explore…

And please share your thoughts. Anything at all, I’d love to hear what you might think of all this.

Thanks! -Karen


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4 Responses to “Why make abstract paintings? Never give up…”

  1. Heather Assaf Says:

    I agree totally Karen! I love doing abstracts best because they just ‘happen’ – one shape put down dictates the next etc. etc. and the painting evolves with no predetermined ideas other than maybe a few beginning colour choices. It is very connected to your frame of mind though and not every day suits that kind of flow.


    • karen Says:

      You are so right, some days just don’t flow with the abstract process. I have to remind myself it’s okay to have a bad day now and then, put away the painting and bring it out some time later when a solution to the problem may be much more evident! Hey Heather, I looked at your website, and really love your work.


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    That is just beautiful! and I love the name too. We in Colorado LOVE the rain! Everything washed clean and brand new. Your colors are clean and fresh! love love!!


  3. Conceptual Muse Says:

    Reblogged this on Conceptual Art.


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