Learning to create videos for the web… a new form of expression?

Summer Floral reference, posterized for simplified color palette selection

I’m learning to create and edit videos on two fronts: I would like to have them for my website to show studio workings and inspirations, and I also am beginning to use iMovie (video editing software) for my day job at the quilting magazine. I have loved still photography for so many years and use it constantly. Now we are in the next phase:  movement, film clips, sound, and a whole new form of composition.

A still photo or painting must tell a story within itself, in one view, one shot is all you get. A short film gets a little more leeway, a bit more time to tell the story. But viewers are asking for information in the shortest possible (attention span) time frame. Artistic mission: deliver wonderful information succinctly, quickly, and with nothing distracting from the greater message or beauty.

Isn’t this boiled-down process that which a painter needs to do in her craft? Or an art quilter, creating her piece? Or even a writer, needing a great hook in that first paragraph for the novel?

In the end, the artist gets one brief chance to deliver something intriguing and worth a second look. The message is the thing we artists begin with, the key, the reason for the first look. We have to figure out the most creative or impactful ways of expressing the message.

I’m hoping to discover the fun and creativity in this new form of video expression down the road, after I learn the ropes. I survived film photography and all the chemicals and trays, dodging and burning darkroom images at half-past midnight, after a full day of work and art classes. It helped to listen to “Music from the hearts of space” at that late hour, college FM station. Good times, good nights.

The creative process changes from day-to-day, hour to hour sometimes. It helps to have a good cup of coffee or a nice bit of music to listen to in the in-between times when concentration needs a little break and the mulling-over part begins!

Are you learning anything new in the arts these days? Thanks!


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2 Responses to “Learning to create videos for the web… a new form of expression?”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I visited a middle school class on Wednesday. I told them, you should always be learning! I think its great you add to your experiences sis. I have a few on the horizon myself. … and yes to a cup of coffee! I am off to get one!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!


  2. karen Says:

    My first efforts were pretty shaky, literally! I was drawing and holding the little flip camera at the same time. Pretty funny results. Now I have a makeshift tripod. I’ll post something in the future when I get things nailed down!


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