My Mysterious Painting

Mysterious Landscape, Karen Gillis Taylor, oil, 16 x 20"

I painted this abstract landscape in a stream-of-consciousness style. Meaning, I just started painting and kept going to see how it would turn out without much planning or forethought. I experimented with using the edge of a piece of cardboard to paint tree trunks. There is a glimpse of a rosy sky and a turbulent river below. The rest is still a mystery to me, but there seems to be some forces of nature occurring here and there. So I’m looking at sections of the painting to see if another composition might make more sense to me.

Mysterious Painting 2

The steep forest hillside seems to drop down to the rushing river below…

Mysterious with Rapids, square composition

Zooming in on the rushing river, there is a clearer focus in this view, it seems.

Rushing waters, cropped even more

Mysterious Landscape with Sun Setting and Glow, by Karen Gillis Taylor

I turned the canvas upside down and found a view I like which reminded me of a scene in our nearby foothills. Sometimes we will see these colors in the setting sun, and the glow is really enticing to me. I have started with this image on a new canvas, 22 x 30″ vertical.

I’m glad I painted this mysterious piece, and maybe my lack of understanding or resolution will keep me studying to see if I can take this further. I welcome any comments if you care to share your impressions! It continues to puzzle me!


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4 Responses to “My Mysterious Painting”

  1. anne Says:

    I really like this, mom! I love that you turned the canvas upside down, and I can see the familiar view too! It reminds me of a view of where we used to live.

    love you!


  2. Barbara Says:

    Karen –
    I love the stream-of-consciousness style and then to take pieces and create them anew is wonderful; and they are still filled with your essence. I want to try this myself. Thanks for sharing.


    • karen Says:

      Oh, good, I hope you enjoy it, Barbara. I like finding solutions right within the same painting, which you can often do. Sometimes the answers to my dilemmas are right in front of my eyes!


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