Osmosis Gallery Reception- 1 x 1 Show

Outdoor Sculpture, Osmosis Gallery, Niwot

Last Friday night’s reception drew a nice crowd for “First Friday” at Osmosis Gallery in Niwot outside of Boulder, Colorado. Gallery owner Anne told me that, after last month’s blizzard on First Friday February, the locals were ready to come out once again in force. I submitted my “January Blues” oil painting for this group show, seen here below, middle row right.

Some of the 1 x 1 foot artworks on display.

Ongoing gallery artists were the participants in this show. It was interesting to see the variety of contributed works. I wish I could have spoken with some of the other artists to get their take on the size limitation, but we couldn’t stay long.

It’s nice to be a part of Osmosis, where I’ve been showing work for almost 3 years now. It provides an avenue for feedback on my work, and I do hear comments through the gallery staff now and then. All in all, it’s a good relationship. I’ve heard some stories from other artists disappointed in their galleries. Counting my blessings for now!

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One Response to “Osmosis Gallery Reception- 1 x 1 Show”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Thanks for the peek sis! Your painting looked great! How fun to see all the different art at 12 x12!!


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