Friday is paint all day painting day!

Gesso over old acrylic painting to begin it's new life!

I’m so excited, having four paintings ready for me to finish, and tomorrow is a BIG painting day to see how far I can get. Three are small 12 inch squares and one is an 18 x 24″. It will be an overcast day, so I’ll get plenty of lights ready, munchies in the fridge, lemon for my tea, and I’m ready to go!

I already gessoed over this large painting seen in the photo, but probably won’t get to that one unless I go pretty nuts with the others!

Is Friday a good day to be creative out there? Anyone joining me?


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6 Responses to “Friday is paint all day painting day!”

  1. Randy Keenan Says:

    Hi Karen – I love your posts and your art. Every day is a creative opportunity, but having an “open day” is a blessing. I find it hard to get started, but on gray days I need to fill my eyes with color. I dye fabric in a newly set up basement studio, so I have made plenty of opportunities for myself! Brighten up your day with paint! Randy


    • karen Says:

      Oh, dyeing fabric sounds wonderful! I just listened to Pat Sloan’s podcast this week with some fabric dye people. I do have to “trick” myself into getting started some days, by doing something for “just five minutes” to get me going. Have fun with your fabric, Randy and thanks for sharing!


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    oh yes! Friday is creative day! Actually, so is Thursday night with a Friday deadline looming. I will think of you painting all those canvases! That will make any gray day bright!


  3. Heather Assaf Says:

    Thanks for the nudge – been in a slump for a few weeks. I am starting now with setting the clock for 1 hour – that usually works to get me going! Got a 30″ x 30″ half-finished that needs attention!


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