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A pear that became a painting that became a quilt…

March 28, 2012

Color Study as a nine patch quilt, KG Taylor

You can never study color enough. This quilt image combines my love of color and pattern. The patches aren’t from a quilt maker’s fabric stash, (believe me, I have the fabric collecting thing going!) They are from a painting of a pear I made. I love the pear as a still life image, and this painting’s colors stuck with me. Hence the further study…

Pear, Oil, 8 x 10", KG Taylor

I am a believer in comparative study. Take one thing and compare it to another, and you get interesting ideas. The quilt has become an abstract view of the pear painting. Colors are isolated and repositioned. Now I have a fresh view of color in the pear painting. Is it working? Is there enough dark/light contrast? Would I change anything in this color palette for the next project or maybe stay with this one and do another?

Don’t know about you, but I see so many possibilities in this process of looking at something, rearranging and looking again. What do you think?


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