Santa Fe sketches at Winter’s end

Guest house at Judy's, graphite, KGT

It’s an easy drive from Colorado to Santa Fe, and I come home inspired every time I make the trip. Canyon Road is my favorite spot for gallery visits and early morning walks to the coffee shop. Winter is one of my favorite times in New Mexico, and I love the smell of pinon firewood burning in the kiva fireplaces of the old adobe homes. This little guest house at Judy’s is over 100 years old, but very cozy.

Sunday morning walk on Canyon Road

I’ve been saving this photo and think it would be a good start for a painting. What do you think? The curve of the tree trunk is nice.

Sculpure in a garden, Canyon Road

Do you have a special place you love to visit? Someplace that gets your imagination fired up? When I visited Santa Fe for the first time in the mid 80’s I was so taken that I packed up and moved there a month later. It was a good time in my life to do that, and I was working freelance with a steady job that allowed me to work long distance. I only stayed a year, but carried something within me that keeps me going back.

If you have an inspiring place you love to visit, please share!


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3 Responses to “Santa Fe sketches at Winter’s end”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    ahhhh yes, memories of visiting santa fe!!! great place!!


  2. Dawn Says:

    Green Lakes State Park is a local park I like to go to for peace and quiet and to fill my “beauty quotient”. It’s a meromictic lake which means the surface water don’t mix with the bottom waters and you see a beautiful turquoise color when the sun is shining. I never get tired of walking there.


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