Drawing what you like… (I like cats!)

Cat on an adventure through town

Cat in the City Sketch, 2.5 x 3.5″, watercolor and ink, KGT

When I was in the third grade my girlfriend Paula taught me how to draw horses. Though I still like drawing horses, cats seem to work their way into my sketching life a lot more often. No doubt because they are always around, (especially our cat Mimi), but also because they seem to have such personality. I find myself trying to read their minds as I draw them in situations.

When I draw with pen, it just seems natural to add color. A little set of 24 Winsor & Newton cake watercolors is handy, has small trays in the set for mixing and space for a brush. Great for travel, too.

I like to photograph Mimi if I can get her to slow down enough for the camera. Memory seems best for drawing, in the absence of photographs or cooperative cats. So you have to imagine what the cat is doing and maybe why. In the end, I’m again trying think like a cat! It’s entertaining.

Cats in Hawaii, watercolor


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5 Responses to “Drawing what you like… (I like cats!)”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Karen – Cats make happy paintings. I love cats too. Their adventurous nature really comes through in your paintings.
    What kind of pen and ink do you use?


  2. Sarah Schultz Says:

    Thank you for the paintings of cats. I love them. We have 3 at our house, 2 Tabbies(silver and white) and a tuxedo kitten.
    I have trouble painting their heads, but I think I just need more practice!
    Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!


    • karen Says:

      Our Mimi is a tuxedo cat. She thinks she is the boss of us all, including our 2 dogs. Painting cats is not easy, especially their profile view, I think. You are right about the practice!


  3. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I love your kitties! that last one reminds me of Gaugain… I know, I really spelled that wrong! hahaha


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