Interest in Pinterest… and a Rob Taylor photo

Photo by Rob Taylor, digitally altered a bit by Karen, Feb. 2012 post

If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, it is kind of fun. I created boards for my favorite subjects of photography, interesting maps, surface design (like mosaics and fabric), and art/architecture. I’m pinning this favorite photo by my husband for starters.

Here is the link to my new Pinterest boards: (Guess I should learn to get a button for this.)

Inspiration boards hanging in my studio have always been fun for me to gaze at while I work. Now I have to do it at the computer, so I’m not sure I want to spend yet another activity in front of the bright screen, but I can see some of the attraction. Visiting other people’s favorite things collections does tell a lot about them. And maybe you smile at a niece’s fun choices or even make new friends with like interests.

Abstract moose digital play

Rob gave me permission to use his gorgeous photo in my artwork, so I played around in Photoshop to see if I would  succumb to painting a wildlife image. It does have possibilities as long as I can figure a way to interpret the photo sketch with paint in a unique way. Hmmm… thinking, thinking…


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