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Art Opening Friday at Osmosis Gallery… painting small paintings

February 29, 2012

Show Announcement for Osmosis Gallery

I’m looking forward to meeting the other artists. I wonder how many signed up to paint these 12″ x 12″ pieces? Many I hope! I talked to an artist friend in the market last week, so I know there will be at least two of us! ha…

This was a challenge for me, since I’ve been purposely working larger, as in 48″ paintings, which isn’t even all that big in the grand scheme of things! The cool thing is that somehow the human brain can work very small, such as drawing a thumbnail size sketch, and then blow it up to a five or six foot painting.

I painted room-size murals when my kids were tiny back when textured rooms and stenciling were all the rage. When I finished their bedroom with a scene of saguaro cactus and a young native girl on horseback, all FOUR walls, my five year old wasn’t sure she wanted to go to sleep in there! (But she did.) Anyway, isn’t it wonderful that we can view images as small as one inch on a computer screen and still understand what the artist was doing? Computers will never replace the human brain.

Here’s January Blues, which I painted for the show, and think I posted back in January! Now it’s almost March, and Happy Leap Year everyone! I will let you know how the show comes out this weekend. Cheers!

January Blues, oil, 12" x 12', KGT


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