Saying Goodbye to a Painting

Rowhouses, KGT, cropped

“Rowhouses”  sold this month, along with 4 other paintings. I have never sold that many originals in one month. Maybe its a good thing there are new ones on the easels.

Rowhouses, Acrylic, 24 x 30", KG Taylor

I know I’m not the only artist who feels a little wistful when a painting goes out the door. It helps to send it to a stopping point like a gallery first, especially when the gallery owner is a good friend.

pond by the houses

C’mon, let’s go look for another village to invent and then paint…

Walking up the path, Rowhouses


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4 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to a Painting”

  1. mosheppo Says:

    love it!!! this is great thing!! let them move on to a life of their own.
    happy happy.


  2. Doreen Flanagan Says:

    May you sell many more, Karen. Your work is beautiful and very inspirational. The way you work with colour is truly your own . Love and blessings, Doreen


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