Mimi the Cat and the Pineapple Quilt: A toned color palette is a beautiful choice!

A quilt and a color palette with little miss nervous cat

Toned color is important for artists working with painting or quilting arts. Painters mix pure tube colors to “tone them down” for a more harmonious palette. If you mix pure blue with its complementary color of pure orange, you will get a toned blue. Add a little blue to your orange, and you get a toned orange. These toned colors should work together well in a painting, whereas pure orange and blue in a painting can almost set teeth on edge at times.

Quilters seeking true harmony of color can keep this in mind by searching for fabrics in toned blues and oranges. One might call these colors “dark blue-green” and “rust orange” for example. You can see both toned blues and oranges in the color swatch panel here.

In fact, there is only one hue in this swatch panel that is the least toned and most pure of all these choices. Still not as pure as straight out of the tube, but close. Can you guess which one it is? It’s very clear and bright.

Quilters might call it a “bright” (fabric). You might also consider it the accent color of the group. Single bright, untoned colors in a palette of toned ones add a special sparkle to the whole.

See the next day’s blog for more on toned color… and Mimi…


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2 Responses to “Mimi the Cat and the Pineapple Quilt: A toned color palette is a beautiful choice!”

  1. Sarah Schultz Says:

    Karen, you are a wonderful colorist ! I love the Pineapple quilt.
    Mimi adds some neutral color also : )
    I quilted for years until my wrists started bothering me. It is a fun
    and relaxing hobby. Now I just admire others.
    It is difficult to complement one on their work….love it ….does not say enough.
    Your style is so unique. Keep up the brushstrokes.
    A fan…Sarah


    • karen Says:

      Thank you Sarah for your nice comments. I will keep painting and designing quilts as time allows, and Mimi is always on hand for some neutrals in the mix! šŸ™‚


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