Southwest painting ideas responses… thank you!

Study for new painting, viewers' choice!

I’m grateful to everyone who responded to my request for some comments on composition ideas as I revisit painting the southwestern landscape. This version is the hands down winner, which tells me that it is worth the effort to do “just one more” study. Sometimes the last one might be best.

The original study shows the streaky underpainting in pink and I like the show-through effect, note-to-self.  It was done with both brushes and palette knife embellishment.

Inspirations: many travels through New Mexico and the Southwest, lots of gallery visits and favorite books. I saw a Maynard Dixon painting and one of his sculptures during our New Year’s day visit to the Denver Art Museum. He is a favorite artist of mine, and influence is clearly here. (Anyone know of Maynard Dixon? He has a museum in Tucson, I just found out. I like him because he was both a fine artist and an illustrator, as in “commercial artist” they called it back then. I relate.)

More on Maynard Dixon soon…

Meantime, do something creative today or tomorrow! Even for 5 minutes… it’s like a vitamin for the soul!


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