Even if you think a painting or drawing is unsuccessful…

Moonville, acrylic, detail

Even if you think your painting or drawing or photograph is unsuccessful, it can get you to a future piece that surpasses even your original idea. That is a measure of success, and so don’t ever give up. Look to that place down the road where things will become illuminated. For that you need time and patience. Oh, and don’t set the thing on fire until then.



p.s. who might find this to be a smidgen true? Not just me I think….


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4 Responses to “Even if you think a painting or drawing is unsuccessful…”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    YES! I think it is more than a smidgeon true! It is a highfalootin truth! I am always looking back on sketches to get charged up.


  2. Heather Assaf Says:

    I know exactly what you mean! A while ago I was having a lot of trouble with a piece and put it aside, face against the wall. A few months went by and then the crunch came and I needed to finish it, so out it came again. I spent two days with that canvas outside instead of in my studio and, it finished itself!!! I just had to get outside the painting and let my intuition take over!! It is one of my most favourite paintings!!! The client loves it and it looks good in it’s new home!!


    • karen Says:

      Thank you Heather and Les for your stories! Heather, what you said about letting it stay outside of your studio for awhile and then letting your intuition bring it back again to finish was brilliant, as that is part of the process, I think. So glad your client loved it, makes it all the more worthwhile.


  3. karen Says:

    Anyone else have a comment?


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