A View of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, in Oil Paint

"Arroyo Seco View", oil by KG Taylor

Now that I’m back to painting with oils, I was happy to find this small panel lurking in the back of my studio flat files. Brushwork is a lot of fun with oil paints, especially when you mix it up with palette knife strokes.

Brushwork and palette knife strokes

This view is from a writer’s cottage I rented on a getaway trip to Northern New Mexico a few years ago. Seco is a very small town north of Taos with fewer than 1500 people. There were buffalo in the adjoining pasture. I was a little nervous to go for walks nearby as the fences were flimsy looking!

Winter is also a wonderful time to visit NM. The colors remain brilliant year ’round, and oh how I’m missing it!


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2 Responses to “A View of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, in Oil Paint”

  1. Heather Assaf Says:

    Very beautiful! Love the underpainted coral colour!!


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    okay, now I want to live there! That Arroyo home looks heavenly!


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