Painting Cats and Dogs in Art… How we love them… me anyway…

This oil painting with interesting palette knife textures was really missing something. Note to self. It was a bit boring until our renegade cat Che´ got literally painted into the picture. Che´ was meant to be wild. We finally found him a home with someone living in the country. He did have personality, and sometimes boring paintings are begging for a personal something, don’t you think?

Che´ looks a little creepy with his yellowish eyes in this painting, as a good friend of mine would say. Cat lovers know different, but I totally understand if you agree he looks somewhat spooky. Still, it adds drama to the pic. In his defense, cats just look at you like they do, not meaning to be intense looking. That is just their way.

Below is a portion of a painting by Degas from a book called Impressionist Cats and Dogs. We used to have a black lab, and I’m sorry that this dog in the painting looks a little hunched over. Our dog Bessie would have been sitting up and excited to be in the carriage ride. The man to the right seems somewhat stern to me too.

You don’t catch that in the larger painting I think. That’s why we have to see the real paintings in person if we want to make any sort of opinion. If you live in Boston, you can see this one at the Museum of Fine Arts. “A Carriage at the Races”, 1869. Edgar Degas.

I like painting dogs and their people now and then. Personal subject matter coming through, which can’t be bad for a painter… what do you think?

This is a portion of my painting in acrylic, Dog Walk 1. I think it conveys the spirit when you are out walking with your buddy dog like my Hally. We have been walking buddies for about 8 years now. We have seen many beautiful sunrises together and views at the lake and even eagles above with my sister Les. These are memories that any artist can hold dear, and how it feeds the soul.

We should revisit this subject of painting animals and pets. Especially with Renoir. He must have been a pet lover, as he seems to have been so adept at portraying them in his work.

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3 Responses to “Painting Cats and Dogs in Art… How we love them… me anyway…”

  1. Doreen Flanagan Says:

    Thanks Karen. I have always had dogs abd cats as pets all my life. You always give us further food for thought and study to see how the Masters have used animals in their work. Hope this year brings you new creativity!!!!Regards


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    This is such a good subject. Animals impart another element of LIFE into a picture. I always love when you add the hint on people in a picture. Even if its just an old car, it suggests that a person was there. An animal in a picture tells a story. love love love our sneaky wild Che! I will always remember him as the flying cat!


  3. Katie-lee Says:

    theyre a bit random and arent very proffessional in my opinion, but they have charactor all the same, i had to do something like that in school the other day.


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