A Happy 2012 at the Denver Art Museum with Willard Nash, Raymond Jonson and good friends: Colors of the American Southwest

I love the American artists of the Taos/Santa Fe colonies of the last century. So many I couldn’t describe in my short blog, but this painting by R. Jonson stands alone. Modernist, influence of Cezanne and Braque, colors of New Mexico. I love it, and yes, go see it along with other paintings by one of my absolute favorite artists, Victor Higgins, which I did not get a photo for you today. I will soon!

How better to welcome in the new year with our good friends Janet and Geoffe Howe, (still newlyweds!) by spending time at the Denver Art Museum after a breakfast at Snooze, long line, great food!

Above photo is my favorite building in Denver, the library building right across from the art museum. Michael Graves is the architect. Well done Michael!

photo by Robert Adams, Denver Art Museum, 2012

We also viewed a major Robert Adams show of photography today, with many images from Colorado and California over his lifetime of work, especially 1960’s through the late 80’s. This image was taken at a hometown carnival in Longmont, Colorado with looming clouds behind. Quite likely could have been Rob’s uncle Mel’s early carnival show days. What a surprise.

Geoff and Janet asked me if seeing this show at the art museum made me want to paint. I told them I had already asked Rob if he minded if I spent the rest of the day home in the studio… of course he said he didn’t mind. I love our friends.

Here’s my first start painting of the new year. Sorry that the photo quality is not great. Night time. Pretty much when I paint now. Love to all your night painters out there! Keep it up, many of us do the same. We love our craft, I am encouraging you all.

Oil painting is back now for me… oils are so wonderful.

I am very thankful to see how our hometown of Denver has grown over the years and has made a special place for the arts in our community. I could not hope for more, let’s keep up the art scenes in all our beloved own cities. Hugs to all you artists out there!


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3 Responses to “A Happy 2012 at the Denver Art Museum with Willard Nash, Raymond Jonson and good friends: Colors of the American Southwest”

  1. Doreen Flanagan Says:

    Thank you Karen for taking the trouble to share what you are doing or have been doing lately. All very interesting. Wish you and family the best for 2012. With love and blessings. Doreen


  2. LesnetL Says:

    It looks like you had a very inspiring day! Can’t wait to see hoe your painting turns out too!


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