Four Days of Freedom to Paint!

Color Sketch, new painting idea, 12_29_2011

51 degrees in Colorado, winds kicking up. Publishing offices shut down, family Christmas events a sweet memory.

Hello studio! New oil paints a Christmas present… wonderful. Palette knife, get ready….


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4 Responses to “Four Days of Freedom to Paint!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Karen – Your color sketch is wonderful as it is….the colors are so uplifting. Do you use watercolor for your sketches?


    • karen Says:

      Thanks Barbara. This one is a section of a previous painting. You can see it on my October 7th 2011 blog “Pieces of Paintings”. I have been examining my cityscapes and cropping out interesting sections with Photoshop. Then I apply a simplifying filter and print out. It creates a whole new view, a good start for me. Occasionally I sketch with watercolor. (See June 12th, 2011.)


  2. Diane Says:

    Boy, according to blogs about color today, there are quite a few people returning to their studios to play. I think this is a message for me – I’d better get in there! Thanks, loved your inspiration.


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