Paint me a Magical Christmas Night…

Silent snow is falling tonight. We rarely get a White Christmas here in Colorado with all our sun, but this year is different. The seasons inspire the painters. Commit scenes to memory, if you are not the intrepid soul who wants to paint outside in winter. ( I have not tried it yet, have you?)

I’ve painted outdoors in Taos during the monsoons of August. Challenging, when you have to weight down the easel for the winds, and then the raindrops begin. Do I wait to see if it’s only a sprinkle… keep painting… or do I make the mad dash for the car, packing it all up when things get serious? Done both…

If you get in the habit of really looking at all of nature’s changing scenes, you can call them up and paint later. Add your own embellishment and twist. Take hints from nature, then punch up the color as you see fit and see what happens!

I got married in downtown Denver during the holiday season. The night city holds a special place in our hearts.


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One Response to “Paint me a Magical Christmas Night…”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I love your winter scenes Karen. I just got home from driving in a winter scene!! I should paint tonight! Ha!


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