My favorite art motif this month: The Legends of The Christmas Tree

Last night my dad told me about one of his memorable Depression era Christmases when his father brought home a tree and the string of SEVEN light bulbs stretched from the bottom of the tree, quite close to the trunk out of necessity to make it to the top. Let’s try to picture that! I forgot to ask if that was a new thing in their family, to be able to afford a string of lights that year.

That is kind of precious to me. Like the original “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. Dad’s family loved singing and my Grandpa was a preacher. No matter what they had for gifts that year, they had their tree complete with a string of lights and probably a turkey killed and dressed for the occasion, with lots of singing and home baked treats. Such was a Christmas in Libertyville, Illinois in the 1930’s when times were tough. Since they passed down a lot of those traditions and stories to my generation of sibs and cousins, we know it was fond stuff for them. And it makes us all smile.


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