Don’t Ever Stop Following Your Dream… Case in Point… Rachel Crow

Tonight was a heart breaking night to see our young cousin Rachel eliminated from the competition on the X Factor show.

When my husband Rob told me his cousin Barbie was traveling to the west coast with Barbie’s extremely talented daughter Rachel, he was entirely supportive. Rob and Barbie seem to be on the same wave length. Don’t worry about obstacles in life, just jump over them and keep on going with your vision. I like that, it is my own philosophy too. Barbie recognized Rachel was extremely talented, from such an early age!

Rachel told America last night in her performance commentary that her mission was to tell the kids out there that they can follow their dreams. Paula Abdul did say that Rachel is a role model, and she caught Rachel’s small sentence in the flurry. I think that was maybe one of Rachel’s more important statements of the entire competition that could get lost in the hubbub. Rachel is talking out to kids from her own circumstances. Follow your dreams!

This is what is so great about Rachel and her family. They are doers and believers and they have the loving family that gave them a start. Rob and I are throwing our hats in the ring to say keep going with your dreams Rachel and Barbie and all your family so loving and supportive.

Artists like myself, my musician brother Bob Gillis, and my children’s book artist/sister Leslie Clark have lived a life of the “road  less traveled by,” as said by poet Robert Frost. You learn to pursue your art/talent/dream and sometimes you win, sometimes you find the slow times and just keep going. And our youngest sister Debby is not only our creative dramatic spirit, she has a Waltz for Debby musically named in her honor from a famous musician, Bill Evans, just for her! 🙂


2 Responses to “Don’t Ever Stop Following Your Dream… Case in Point… Rachel Crow”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Rachel was awesome last night. I wanted her to stay in the competition. Nevertheless, I believe she will be extremely successful. My heart goes out to her and her family. Loved her performances. What a sweetheart too !


  2. karen Says:

    Thanks Barbara,
    I agree with you , Rachel will go on with new opportunities now that she has the attention of people seeking talented young ones like her. It is refreshing that she seems so appreciative and enjoying her new friendships from the show.I don’t know what it is about Rachel. When Barbie’s family adopted her, it was like something special happened. And then they adopted her little sister! We can’t forget her. She is one of Rachel’s greatest supporters, I am sure, especially when I saw the clips on tv.
    I’m glad my husband Rob has been a great supporter of his cousin Barbie and Rachel as they uprooted themselves to go to California to pursue Rachel’s dreams. Not exactly what mid stream heartland country people do, but Rob and Barbie are not mid stream thinkers, and it helped forge their cousin relationship.
    I guess I am liking the bravery of people to step out and try new things when a God given talent is becoming evident. Not to be taken lightly….


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