A Painting is Inspired by Fabric Collage Art Quilt


I had a request to show the finished painting “Misty Evening”. I posted the beginning of this piece, a loose acrylic wash, on September 20th of this year. Here’s the final painting I finished by November 1st in time for a show at Osmosis Gallery. It measures 30 x 40” on gallery wrapped canvas with sides painted.

The idea for this painting came from a small fabric collage I call “Moonlight Garden” that I created earlier in the year. I enjoyed this piece so much I decided to see what it would look like in paint, hoping to retain some of the bold and expressive qualities of the fabric prints.


The idea was to take inspiration from the collage in terms of color and a certain playfulness, but go deeper into creating an atmosphere of intrigue.

There’s a product called Flow Improver which mixes with acrylics and can create interesting textures when the paint mixture is very thin. I like seeing a variety of textures and brush work in the painting rather than uniform strokes and thickness of paint throughout.

There’s a lot of exuberance going on here. Night paintings can be lively, they needn’t sleep. After all, don’t we sometimes dream all through the night? There’s always something going on in our lives, and often we get the best ideas after dark. Color represents life, movement and optimism for me. I feel an air of expectancy when I’m drawn into a scene like this one.


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