I Love When I Know My Painting is in a Good Home!

"Aspen Lane", Oil by Karen Gillis Taylor, collection of Terry Foote

I had a small art gallery in Niwot, CO, 2005 when my good friend Terry visited from miles away. She came to see the paintings, liked this one, and came back a few weeks later to buy it.

Terry is a dear friend, and my traveling buddy to Europe in college days where I experienced the enlightening 11 weeks that turned me into an artist after 3 years of studying history at CU Boulder. That summer we visited art galleries and museums in seven countries!  She spoke college Spanish and me French. We were a good team, and it was a rich experience with fun times sprinkled in of course! More later on those adventures…

My latent art seed exploded upon returning, and I immediately enrolled in art classes. Terry fulfilled her dream of becoming a great teacher of elementary age kids.

Yesterday we met for our annual holiday lunch with longtime high school girlfriends in Golden, Colorado, treasured buddies every one. Terry reminded me of her Aspen Lane painting. It has other sweet memories for me as well. Our family made the Aspen trip for several years in fall when our daughter Katie competed in an annual state gymnastics meet. Fall in Aspen is incomparable.

Bottom line, art is personal. If you have a passion for creating an image and a personal inspiration causing it to bloom, can you really go wrong? I don’t think so… Hey, my paintings start with lots of sketches, photographs, more sketches, color palettes, and now and then make it to a finished painting. Like believing in the value of a long time friendship, stick it out with your artwork. You will not be disappointed.


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6 Responses to “I Love When I Know My Painting is in a Good Home!”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Do you think a real artist can ever let go of art? Even when I am not creating I am thinking about it.

    My thoughts go to our Luanne, who nearly tackled her last painting in order to have a break through! ha! She put it on the floor and began pouring paint on it!!


    • karen Says:

      And sometimes you dream about it, just like others dream about their work.
      I have to confess I have also been painting over old canvases, and let a bit of the old image show through the white. It seems to let a bit of the old inspiration remain…


  2. Libby Rudolf Says:

    I often visit with the people around town who have purchased my paintings, to see the art in its new home. At my brother’s, I came across one I had forgotten I painted! Now, I sell paintings to people I don’t know and have to trust that they will continue to love their purchase. I try to document all works that I put in show/sell, etc so that I can ‘keep’ them with me too.


  3. karen Says:

    Libby, you are wise to document your sales and where your paintings go. I am beginning to keep better records instead of “oh, I sold that one to a lady in California”, etc. I do make sure I have my name and website, email etc. on the back of all my pieces, but it would be nice to have a better list of my collectors from now on.
    I saw your watercolors today on your site, and they are lovely!


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