If I Paint Italy Can I Go There? Art Made Me Go There! (Who’s Art?)

We see lots of paintings of the idyllic Tuscan landscape around, and I truly believe it’s because a lot of people, including painters and art collectors, want to go there. I would not dream of turning down a trip to Italy, even with all the financial unrest going on there lately. I backpacked through Italy in college years, my mom’s family is from Italy, I love the sound of the language and cooking Italian is top of the list!

The above painting (mixed media) could be the Italian Alps or Frisco, Colorado in winter. Cars slogging through snowy streets come to mind. Painting from imagination and memory has bonuses for me. Like Emily Dickinson said, we can be travelers in our minds, and I take it to heart.

Images in paint or other media not only spur our imagination, but sometimes grab us in a deep-down place,  motivating us to do something we didn’t realize we wanted to do. The big question here, did an image in any art form ever grab you that way? Make you want to travel, or build a house or buy a horse? Or even change the color of your living room walls? Did you draw a picture and realize how often you think of that subject and why you keep going back to it again and again?

The old joke, Art made me do it… Art is the name of our dry cleaner guy. But he’s not the one who made me plan to go back to Italy again.


One Response to “If I Paint Italy Can I Go There? Art Made Me Go There! (Who’s Art?)”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    yes! any time I see anything that remotely looks like the coast of Maine! Take me away!!


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