“If I Were a Boy” … Can you see your artwork as if you were someone else?

Drawing of Young Man, Karen Gillis Taylor, 1983, Conte crayon

We are excited around our family for cousin Barbie’s daughter Rachel Crow and her singing debut on the X Factor show. Rachel sang a Beyonce song early on, called If I Were a Boy. She nailed it so beautifully.

I began to think about the lyrics to “If I were a Boy.” It’s about challenging a person to step out of their own shoes and see the other person’s viewpoint.

What if you could step out of your own ways of thinking and pretend you were seeing your own artwork for the first time? Is that even possible, for an artist to try to detach from their own work so completely that he or she could be so objective?

Would you have to pretend you were at an art show of many different works and suddenly came upon this one? (Yours.) I think that would be the only way I could even attempt to be that objective about looking at my own art. And I would need someone else there to discuss it, provide another viewpoint to help. Should we try this, artist friends?

Are you like me, always drawing comparisons between art and music? I got into this because of all my talks with my musician brother Bob.

Still thinking about the recent topic of critiquing one’s own work. I am always drawing comparisons between art and music, mainly from talking with my musician brother Bob all these years. We speak the same language, but he in sounds and me in visuals.

I am in awe of musicians like my brother Bob and now young Rachel. Their talent is like no other to me. It’s such a different world from the visual one I’m so used to inhabiting. But we have these wonderful things in common, all about creating something special if we can.

3 Responses to ““If I Were a Boy” … Can you see your artwork as if you were someone else?”

  1. caroline Jobe Says:

    Little Rachel is amazing! hope she wins!


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I think I am my own worst critic of much of my art. I guess that could be said about a lot of us who lay it all out there for others to see. I am so much more relaxed seeing other people’s work. My characters are another story. They are more like my kids. I don’t want anyone to hurt them. Its almost like someone else drew them. They make me smile and laugh all the time. weird eh?

    I love that Bob is so creative! … and little Rachel! WOW Girl!


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