Opening Reception Osmosis Gallery 2011

We had a good crowd on this crisp November First Friday. Anne Olson is the gracious gallery owner/architect of Osmosis, seen in black, lower left.

This might be the only time you will see me in front of my shining moon and crazy buildings. Ha! The lighting for art in Anne’s gallery is so nice. You just have to go see this little gem of a gallery in Boulder County.

“Rivertown” is 4 foot by 4 foot. I know, it doesn’t look that large in this photo, it’s a little deceiving.

I absolutely love that my Winter Village painting is hovering over the gorgeous (beautifully lit) jars of homemade jalapeno jelly made by Anne’s daughter. The secret to staying warm in the American Southwest is to keep chiles in your system at all times! I learned that when I lived in Santa Fe. Pretty important lesson.

This sculpture was a favorite of my husband Rob. I love it!

Meanwhile, a couple of gallery go-ers found the outdoor fireplace to have a chat and plan the rest of the night’s adventures. Rob and I headed over to Treppeda’s Italian for a snack with some friends, Kathleen and Neil. I retrieved 2 paintings I loaned Howard Treppeda’s restaurant to put in this show. Howard, I’m painting new ones to put on display in your restaurant! Italian landscapes maybe?….

Keep makin’ that yummy grilled roasted garlic pizza, maybe we can work out a trade!


2 Responses to “Opening Reception Osmosis Gallery 2011”

  1. Dawn Hartigan Says:

    It’s so wonderful to see your paintings in a gallery setting. I get a better sense of how big they are. They look beautiful and have a wonderful dream like quality to them. I wonder if the jalapeno jelly would work to keep us warm here in Syracuse, New York!


    • karen Says:

      Hi Dawn,
      I bet the jalapeno jelly would at least kick start your winter! haha.. And they have cherry salsa in Wisconsin which I wish I could get my hands on again! Thanks for your comments, and yes, you don’t see scale too much on the internet…


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